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          Happy Pride Month!


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          From the blog

          First Fiction Friday: Only If We're ught

          Theressa Slind's debut short story collection? Only If We're ught (Thistledown Press) looks for the bizarre and extraordinary in the everyday. Humorous, playful, and especially versed in the human heart, Slind's collection has been lled "perceptive, thoughtful, smart ...

          se Files: Ava Flagg, Copperhead Road

          In this se Files, we look at things from the criminal’s side of the fence: Ava Flagg, a bootlegger in North rolina during the Great Depression. Will her and her crew outsmart their rivals-in-booze in Brad Smith’s Copperhead Road (At Bay Press)?

          Literary Awards 2022: A Coast-to-Coast Roundup

          Looking to add a little Province-based pedigree to your TBR, or just read more from your own backyard? We've rounded up the independently-published winners and nominees from literary awards all across nada to make it easier than ever.

          Poetry in Motion: Genni Gunn + Accidents

          Genni Gunn's third poetry?collection Accidents(Signature Press),?takes us on a roller coaster ride through past and present in different continents, to explore the various upheavals that alter our lives.?


          In this week's Poetry in Motion feature, Gunn shares how she i ...

          First Fiction Fridays: The Burden of Memories

          Fans of?Clara llan?by Richard B. Wright or?Possession a Romance?by A.S. Byatt?will enjoy this new debut novel by?Janet lterra.? The Burden of Memories?(Latitude 46 Publishing) will have take you on a journey of two sisters unraveling a long-held family secre ...

          If You Liked x, Read y: Forest Bathing Edition

          If you found yourself itching to get into the woods after reading Peter Wohlleben and Jane Billinghurst's?Forest Walking: Discovering the Trees and Woodlands of North Ameri, discover? Worth More Standing: Poets and Activists Pay Homage to Trees (itlin Press). Edited ...

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